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More than two decades working on different cultural projects. There have been several companies and institutions that have valued the experience in the conception and development of cultural and educational, heritage, exhibition, and curatorial projects. We present them grouped into four fields of action.

R&D in Schools and school Libraries

Emotional education and Art Programs

Customized reader plan layouts

Reading animation programs for children, young people and teenagers

Family readingclubs

Literary Events

Cultural Meetings

Curatorial & Project management

Exhibition Cantes de ida y vuelta. Susan Mowbray

Exhibition Born in Congo. Ismael Martínez

Exhibition of photography & jazz concert. NGO. Friends of Monkole

Exhibition “Oh How I Love You Green”. Susan Mowbray

Museography & Design

Comprehensive reform of the permanent collection of the Museum of Jaén

Exhibition Antonio Machado and Baeza. Cien años de un encuentro

Exhibition Mil años de estampa japonesa

Exhibition Los retos del tercer milenio

Design & Museography Museum of Telecommunications Madrid

Coordination & Education

Touring exhibition Zabaleta 101

Educational programmes for schools. Museum of Jaén

Grifo the Gryphon's Tale. Storytelling Day of Andalusia. Museum of Jaén

Printmaking workshop El Papel del Museo. Museum of Jaén

Dynamization. International Museum Day

Casa Leibniz. Young Group of Spanish Art Galleries and Contemporary Artists





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Beatriz Rodríguez-Rabadán

Passion and Grit are the summary of more than twenty years of professional experience. My academic training is constant and i am currently researching in US and Europe Art Museums Educational Programs for families and their emotional impact.
I have several degree: Art History, Museography and Interior Desing. Working with many clients, plenty professionals and different audiences has given me the opportunity to see the needs of a society that wants to identify with culture in a more fliendly and up-to-date way.

I think now is a time of change for cultural management as well. Confidence and efficiency must go together with previous and subsequent studies that make each cultural project a necessary challenge.

Some publications:

1. "El MoMa, un Museo de vanguardia para familias" Revista Educational Sciences & Society (ESS) n2/2014 2 feb. 2014

2. THE ART LAB EXPRESANDO EMOCIONES A TRAVÉS DEL ARTE. Fundación Botín/Educación Responsable 3 oct. 2020

3. Dossier el Papel del Museo. Jornadas de difusión de la obra gráfica en el museo de Jaén. ISBN 978-84-8266-983-o.2009

4. Catálogo exposición Cántica Canticorum. Valle de Aybar

Beatriz Rodríguez-Rabadán